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Xiamen King-stones Industry Co., Ltd,(King Stones)was established in 1983. It is a group of separate production, processing, sales and trading stone enterprises, and in addition, holds the rights to mining exploration in key areas. The group’s products range from marbles, granite and other raw and finished stones which have been exported to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America. At the core of the group’s operations are advanced processing technologies,a strong production capacity and outstanding sales capability; Th…
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    White Wooden Marble Project in Australia
  • 2222
    Indonesia 1
  • 2222
    Dubai 2
  • 2222
    Dubai 1
  • 2222
    Singapore Tumble Stone
  • 2222
    Singapore G684 Basalt Pulled Natural (Wall)+ Pirite (Floor)-RICE FIELDS
  • 2222
    Carrara Design Mosaic Project 4
  • 2222
    Carrara Design Mosaic Project 3
  • 2222
    Carrara Design Mosaic Project 2
  • 2222
    Carrara Design Mosaic Project 1

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Quartz factory : Jujiang Industrial Zone,Nan'an city,Fujian,China
Marble Showroom : C1 area,Dongsheng slab factory,Shuitou town,Nan'an city,Fujian,China

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